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It's no secret midsized firms adapt more aggressively, innovate more nimbly and make more new hires annually than Fortune 500 companies. Workplace Champions is about inspiring talent-minded leadership as the owners and c-suite leaders of midsized companies share their hiring insights and workforce building experiences.
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012: Once Private, Now Public: Protecting Your Workforce Culture | Matt Calkins, CEO, Appian

When software firm Appian went public last May, its cofounders put an end to 17 years of private ownership. CEO Matt Calkins discusses the company’s post-IPO life and explains how Appian plans to preserve the company’s unique workforce culture and continue to fuel the serial reinvention of its offerings. How do you make a great…

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011: Why Generational Wisdom Is Social Wisdom | Lance Ruttenberg, CEO, American Textile Company

Eight years from now, when Lance Ruttenberg blows out the candles on a birthday cake celebrating his company’s 100th birthday, the CEO of American Textile Company will be savoring an industrial hallmark that no Fortune 500 CEO has ever known. Lance and his brother Blake are the third generation of Ruttenbergs to own and lead the textile firm…

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010: Hiring & the Power of Three | Matthew Bertulli, CEO, Demac Media

WpC: Along the way, you’ve made a lot of hires, so we’re going to ask you, “How do you make a great hire?” Matt: We follow this principle that we picked up in a book called Traction, by a guy named Gino Wickman. It’s an operating system for businesses called the EOS. We follow their…

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009: The Fruits of Decentralized Management | Phil Rooke, CEO, Spreadshirt

In the beginning, it was about T-shirts and a design-your-own website. Today, Spreadshirt, based in Berlin, Germany, is a $100 million business commonly classified as a self-expression global e-commerce company. Join us when Spreadshirt CEO Philip Rooke explores the offerings that allowed Spreadshirt to triple its size and the employee empowerment discipline that he’s adopted to…

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