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It's no secret midsized firms adapt more aggressively, innovate more nimbly and create more jobs than Fortune 500 companies. The Workplace Champions Podcast is about inspiring talent-minded business leaders as they learn from the failures,
ah-ha! moments, and workplace successes of others.
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297: Chris Capozzi, CFO, Freedom Financial Network (17 Yr GE Veteran)

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010: Championing Cross-Functional Advancement | Jerry Hum, CEO, Touch of Modern

“Being in San Francisco is kind of a double-edged sword for an e-commerce company, right? E-commerce companies are very headcount heavy. And so, being in San Francisco means you’re paying top dollar for headcount, which is, you know, it’s difficult when you have a lot of people and you need a lot of people to…

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How to Make a Great Hire | Lance Ruttenberg, CEO, American Textile Company

How to Make a Great Hire

“We believe very strongly in the value of a great corporate culture. So making a great hire, for us, is first a function of the characteristics of the person independent of their skill sets. The most talented person in the world might not fit in here culturally. And we hope we have developed a familial…

009: A Workforce Culture Nurtured by Family Ownership | Lance Ruttenberg, CEO, American Textile Company

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