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It's no secret midsized firms adapt more aggressively, innovate more nimbly and make more new hires annually than Fortune 500 companies. Workplace Champions is about inspiring talent-minded leadership as the owners and c-suite leaders of midsized companies share their hiring insights and workforce building experiences.
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008: Why You Should Only Hire “10s” | InterLinc Mortgage, Houston, Texas

It is often the small bits of information that our guests share that help us to render a complete picture of their growing business. In the case of Jim VanSteenhouse, one of those small bits was the estimate that he writes close to 3,000 thank-you and congratulatory notes a month. Join us as Jim reveals the leadership and firm-building…

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07: Why Employee Behavior Trumps Skills |Chris Byers, CEO, Formstack

 Join us when Chris Byers charts the evolutionary path that is leading Formstack to open a new chapter of growth as the software developer grows its workforce and sheds new light on its hiring the internal workings of Formstack’s workforce.   The Community  “Indianapolis is a great tech community. You can get to know people extremely well.…

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(S1) 006: Achieving a Talent Transformation, Justin Tysdal, Co-Founder, Seven Corners

  Indianapolis, Indiana – As companies grow and advance beyond their entrepreneurial roots talent often becomes a major growth hurdle for companies that must steadily enhance their talent best practices if they are going to meet the demands of an expanding workforce. Join us when Justin Tysdal, Co-Founder, Seven Corners, explains how talent became the primary…

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This Month's State of Distinction | Tennessee

Tennessee Boasts of Being Home to the 2nd Busiest Cargo Airport in the World, 3rd Largest U.S. Rail Center and the Nation's 4th Largest Inland Port.

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