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It's no secret midsized firms adapt more aggressively, innovate more nimbly and make more new hires annually than Fortune 500 companies. Workplace Champions is about inspiring talent-minded leadership as the owners and c-suite leaders of midsized companies share their hiring insights and workforce building experiences.
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011: It’s About Being Part of a Team | Glenn Hazard, CEO, Opaq Networks

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010: Attracting Specialized Talent | Mike Christian, CEO, Risk Strategies

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009: Finding a Cultural Fit | Dan Adamany, CEO, Ahead

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008: Glenn Nott, President, simPRO N.A.

  What are your priorities for growing this middle-market business over the next 12 months? Glenn: “Our priorities are to look at those areas of the business that we may need to tweak and adjust them as we start to really open up the doors and explore the local market here in Colorado. And then,…

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This Month's State of Distinction | Tennessee

Tennessee Boasts of Being Home to the 2nd Busiest Cargo Airport in the World, 3rd Largest U.S. Rail Center and the Nation's 4th Largest Inland Port.

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