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It's no secret midsized firms adapt more aggressively, innovate more nimbly and create more jobs than Fortune 500 companies. The Workplace Champions Podcast is about inspiring talent-minded business leaders as they learn from the failures,
ah-ha! moments, and workplace successes of others.
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009: A Workforce Culture Nurtured By Family Ownership | Lance Ruttenberg, CEO, American Textile Company

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008: Employee Engagement | David Tuyo, CFO, Power Financial Credit Union

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How to Make a Great Hire | Ray Rothrock, CEO, RedSeal

How to Make a Great Hire

How do you make a great hire? “The biggest mistake is a cultural mistake, and that is sometimes hard to detect, but there are a few questions that you can ask. Our process also involves a bounty program. We do the pre-screening, and they go through a technical interview. But I’m the last stop. So…

007: The Turnaround | Ray Rothrock, CEO, RedSeal

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When Ray Rothrock first entered the CEO office of cyber security firm RedSeal of Sunnyvale, California his first order of business was an employee layoff.  Three years later, Rothrock is back hiring after successfully leading a company turnaround. Join us when Ray explains his talent mind-set and why cultural fit must be top of mind among…

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