008: Why You Should Only Hire “10s” | InterLinc Mortgage, Houston, Texas

Jim-Headshot-1-200x200It is often the small bits of information that our guests share that help us to render a complete picture of their growing business. In the case of Jim VanSteenhouse, one of those small bits was the estimate that he writes close to 3,000 thank-you and congratulatory notes a month. Join us as Jim reveals the leadership and firm-building priorities that allowed him to turn around InterLinc and open a new chapter of growth.

Listen to the COMPLETE EPISODE Below (29:25)

Growth Priorities:

“The simple answer is to be compliance-bulletproof, to grow using metrics and process, and to not forsake the culture and office environment that we have worked so hard to achieve.”  –Jim VanSteenhouse

Guest: Jim VanSteenhouse

Company: InterLinc Mortgage Services, LLC

Headquarters:  Houston, TX

Contact: www.interlincmortgage.com


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