010: Championing Cross-Functional Advancement | Jerry Hum, CEO, Touch of Modern

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“Being in San Francisco is kind of a double-edged sword for an e-commerce company, right? E-commerce companies are very headcount heavy. And so, being in San Francisco means you’re paying top dollar for headcount, which is, you know, it’s difficult when you have a lot of people and you need a lot of people to run the business.

On the plus side, there is not a lot of e-commerce companies in San Francisco. So, the folks that truly want to be in e-commerce don’t have a lot of very attractive options. And we’re probably one of the cooler e-commerce companies out there because of, you know, the types of products that we sell and the growth that we’re experiencing. And also kind of a unique market that we’re in, right? So that’s been an advantage. Being very tech-focused and having a lot of interesting technology is a strength for us.

…For engineers inside this market it’s a very competitive market. An engineer can work at Google, Facebook, Tesla today. But for us, we’re a company that has a pretty good amount of revenue. And we have a very small engineering team, which is a very unique situation. Because in a small start-up, ¬†you can find a small group of engineers and each one can make a pretty big impact to the product. But then the product itself may not have enough reach where you can see your impact manifested in the consumer market, right? But for us, we have a very small team of engineers, but we also have a lot of customers on our platform. So each one of those engineers can actually see their impact all the way through to the consumer level.” – Jerry Hum, CEO, Touch of Modern

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