027: Culture-Building and the CFO

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For many small to midsizePraytherdownload firms, the hiring of a finance leader signals a coming of age for an organization, a time when business growth becomes more reliant on company culture and business process than on entrepreneurial passions and instincts. Join us when Jeanne Prayther, CFO of e-Builder, and Robert Bendetti, CFO of Life Cycle Engineering, reveal how finance leaders serve as the bricklayers of company culture as they infuse their organizations with trust and personal responsibility.

Q: Over the next 12 months, what are your priorities as a finance leader?

Jeanne: To continue to grow my team and make them better. Mentoring people really makes me happy because it’s really the future. Also, just helping the team, the entire executive team, with the modeling and with making things better in sales and implementation, and with making things more efficient. And, just helping with the whole modeling and the strategic vision for the next five years.


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