009: The Fruits of Decentralized Management | Phil Rooke, CEO, Spreadshirt

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2c606bbIn the beginning, it was about T-shirts and a design-your-own website. Today, Spreadshirt, based in Berlin, Germany, is a $100 million business commonly classified as a self-expression global e-commerce company. Join us when Spreadshirt CEO Philip Rooke explores the offerings that allowed Spreadshirt to triple its size and the employee empowerment discipline that he’s adopted to fuel the company’s customer-pleasing growth engine.

“Our number one company value is simplicity. Our number two company value is actually empowerment. We work hard to empower people at every level to be in charge of their job, so that they have more control. We formed small teams in the factories where they’re printing shirts, and they are empowered to better organize themselves and able to achieve their numbers and succeed in their roles.” –Phil Rooke, CEO, Spreadshirt

Guest: Phil Rooke, CEO

Company: Spreadshirt

Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

Contact: www.spreadshirt.com  @spreadshirt

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