How to Make a Great Hire | Lance Ruttenberg, CEO, American Textile Company

How to Make a Great Hire
“We believe very strongly in the value of a great corporate culture. So making a great hire, for us, is first a function of the characteristics of the person independent of their skill sets. The most talented person in the world might not fit in here culturally. And we hope we have developed a familial culture. We think it is important that people like one another when they go to work and that they enjoy being here and that it isn’t just a place to show up to make money.

That is sort of the first hurdle a candidate encounters and then, of course, the skill sets that they have and how it would apply to our business would be, obviously, the next step. The key for us in hiring, and hiring correctly, and maintaining people’s interest in being in American Textile is trying above all things to protect our corporate culture. To make this a place that people want to come to work, and like the people that they work with, and then you know absolutely have a particular skill set that’s of value to the business. That’s our thinking there and its, I think, served us well.”

Workplace Champions: Over all that time, there wasn’t somebody who knocked on the door saying we want to buy this company? And I’m sure there was, but over all that time did any offer come under serious consideration?

Lance: “Never. We have no interest in selling the business. And I think that it’s leading with that position that gives the people that work here comfort, in fact, a business that has a view on its future and is looking to do things for many many decades to come. And so we have not in any way put out any signals to anybody who would be in that space that we are for sale because we’re not.”

Lance Ruttenberg, CEO, American Textile Co.


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