008: Employee Engagement | David Tuyo, CFO, Power Financial Credit Union

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007: The Turnaround | Ray Rothrock, CEO, RedSeal

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When Ray Rothrock first entered the CEO office of cyber security firm RedSeal of Sunnyvale, California his first order of business was an employee layoff.  Three years later, Rothrock is back hiring after successfully leading a company turnaround. Join us when Ray explains his talent mind-set and why cultural fit must be top of mind among…

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006: Achieving a Talent Transformation, Justin Tysdal, Co-Founder, Seven Corners

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Indianapolis, Indiana – As companies grow and advance beyond their entrepreneurial roots talent often becomes a major growth hurdle for companies that must steadily enhance their talent best practices if they are going to meet the demands of an expanding workforce. Join us when Justin Tysdal, Co-Founder, Seven Corners, explains how talent became the primary path…

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005: Adopting a Talent Agenda | Tim Hebert, CEO, Atrion

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  Warwick, Rhode Island —  Join us when Tim Hebert, CEO of Atrion, explains how by making Atrion’s focus on attracting and retaining talent a top priority the IT services firm would experience more than 25 percent growth annually enabling  Atrion to grow to more than $150 million in annual sales.   From Brett’s Strategy…

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004: A Remedy for Employee Turnover | Mary Miller, CEO, Jancoa Janitorial Services

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Cincinnati, OH — When Mary Miller joined her husband Tony’s janitorial services company 20 years ago, the firm’s employee turnover rate was 360 percent. By accepting the notion that no one wants to be a janitor forever, Miller says, she and her husband began to consider how their firm, JANCOA, could motivate its employees to…

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003: A House Built on 2nd Chances | Rick Roussin, CEO, Coast to Coast Computer Products


Few middle-market business leaders can match the passion that Rick Roussin has regularly injected into his workforce during the past 30 years. Join us when Rick traces the history of Coast to Coast Computer Products and shares the guiding principles that have shaped his talent-minded leadership. —  Jack Sweeney From Brett’s Strategy Notes: Overpay “And one…

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002: Establishing Your Firm’s Cultural Foundation | Jay Van Orden, CEO, Worldwide Supply


The loss of a prized employee frequently sounds the alarm inside middle-market firms, where properly boarding new hires can take many months. Join us when Jay Van Orden, CEO of Worldwide Supply, shares his middle-market mind-set and explains why each month the firm allots a percentage of its gross profits to employees. – Jack Sweeney…

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001: Living Your Culture Everyday | Clark Twiddy, CEO, Twiddy & Company


  Over the years Twiddy & Company has sank some deep roots in the sandy Outer Banks of North Carolina. Established by Doug Twiddy in 1978, the family-owned rental properties business is today led by CEO Clark Twiddy, who shares his father’s discerning appetite when it comes to culture, growth and talent.  Join us when…

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