07: Why Employee Behavior Trumps Skills |Chris Byers, CEO, Formstack

 Join us when Chris Byers charts the evolutionary path that is leading Formstack to open a new chapter of growth as the software developer grows its workforce and sheds new light on its hiring the internal workings of Formstack’s workforce.

Listen to the COMPLETE EPISODE Below (27:59)

The Community

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAs2AAAAJDgxNDg5ZWU2LThmYWMtNDkxMy1hZmYxLTVkZWFhYjEyMDRmMg “Indianapolis is a great tech community. You can get to know people extremely well. There isn’t anybody that couldn’t pick up the phone and get an introduction to go have coffee with someone or meet with and learn from someone. It’s a very open culture. Very very transparent. People are willing to share details that you might not want to share if you lived on one of the coasts and so it just makes for a really good environment to start a technology company that would hire people, have investors, have board members, have potential team members. And so, we’ve just really enjoyed being a part of that indie community and seeing the technology sector grow here.” 


Guest: Chris Byers, CEO

Company: Formstack

Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana

Contacts: www.formstack.com  @formstack (Twitter)

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